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Inspiring Sign Writing Designs By Traditional Sign Writers of London


Despite the mass use of vinyl & other graphic signage, signwriting by brush is still very prevalent, There are a lot of reasons signwriting the traditional way can be ideal even in the modern sign era. Many varieties of businesses use signwriting but in a modern way, for instance, you may have a modern branding designed by a graphic designer or architect, but a signwriter is able to produce that same logo or 'font' onto a variety of surfaces and make it as visible as possible.


Signwriting is a very traditional form of writing and advertising that goes back centuries. Mainly based on calligraphy lettering & roman styles of text. As time has gone on with the computer age and beyond, obviously advertising for companies has altered but there are still a lot of uses for traditional signwriting.


You only have to look at modern 'graphic' designs for major companies that use signwriting in their designs & branding.

Sign writers London

Paul painting the fascia sign for a newly opened Starbucks.

London Sign writers
traditional sign writing
indian restaurant sign writer


Paul started his sign writing career painting old-style Celtic writing. He has painted dozens of signs for local pubs during his 25 years in the business. Gold lettering on a dark background is a popular color that is emblematic of the old-style, local pub.

irish pub signs
irish sign writer
irish sign writer
hand painted pub signs
celtic sign writer
traditional irish sign painter

HAND PAINTED SIGNS are more versatile to individual spaces, vinyl can offer only a limited palette and it is often too 'perfect' whereas paint offers almost unlimited scope for color and textural modification. 
Each site is different, and the light in each space is different,  It is these small things that add up to a far better customer experience.

Italian restaurant signwriting
old irish road signs
cafe signwriting london

It is often a misconception that vinyl is cheaper than hand painted lettering, for a one-off sign on a large fascia, hand painted can often work out cheaper, especially on difficult surfaces that require special preparation. Paint will stick to almost any surface no matter how rough or uneven, there are not limits to colours and designs can always be adjusted or tweaked, last minute on site. Any changes to a vinyl would mean the poor vinyl maker having to trot all the way back to the studio to start the vinyl making process all over again! 

pub sign writer

RUSTIC LETTERING EFFECT for award winning Indian Street food restaurant

only achievable with brush and paint

indian sign writing london
hand painted signs
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